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This week in Chicago, the Array of Things team begins the first phase of the groundbreaking urban sensing project, installing the first of an eventual 500 nodes on city streets. By measuring data on air quality, climate, traffic and other urban features, these pilot nodes kick off an innovative partnership between the University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory, and the City of Chicago to better understand, serve, and improve cities.

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The Stranger

Since last fall, CI faculty and fellow Jason Salavon has occupied a unique position: artist-in-residence at Microsoft Research. As a computational artist, Salavon explores new ways of creating art with software and data, such as aggregating hundreds of Playboy centerfolds or Renaissance portraits into a single image, turning census data into a massive, dynamic visualization, or creating information-dense collages of search engine image results. An article at The Stranger by Jen Graves dives deep into Salavon's background and his current work at Microsoft Research, where he is exploring the intersection of art, technology, and surveillance by, in part, spying on the Microsoft Research office itself.