Krishna Shenai

Senior Fellow


Krishna Shenai is a Principal Electrical Engineer within the Energy Systems Division at Argonne. He is conducting pioneering research on wide bandgap power semiconductor materials, devices and applications and is leading the effort to develop and commercialize wide bandgap semiconductor materials and devices for power electronics switching, power amplifier and sensor applications. These new semiconductor devices are expected to transform next-generation transportation, communication and electricity grid infrastructures, as well as lighting and the use of renewable energy.

For nearly 30 years, Shenai has pioneered and made seminal contributions to the development and manufacturing of power semiconductor materials and devices, power converters and power amplifiers. His research has produced foundation technologies and set industry standards for several multi-billion dollar commercial products including discrete power metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs), power supplies, power amplifiers for wireless and cellular communication, silicon carbide power devices and low-voltage microprocessors.

Shenai's prior experience includes working for COMSAT Labs, General Electric Corporate R&D Center, Intel Corporation, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Illinois-Chicago, Utah State University and the University of Toledo. He has supervised theses dissertations of over three dozen graduate students who are making important contributions worldwide in these fields.

Shenai has authored or co-authored more than 350 peer-reviewed papers and 10 book chapters, he has edited six books, and holds 13 U.S. patents.