Andrey Rzhetsky

Faculty, Senior Fellow


Dr. Rzhetsky’s interest is in (asymptotic) understanding how phenotypes, such as human healthy diversity and maladies, are implemented at the level of genes and networks of interacting molecules. To harvest as much information about known molecular interactions as possible, his group runs a large-scale text-mining effort aiming at analysis of a vast corpus of biomedical publications. Currently they can extract from text automatically about 500 distinct flavors of relations among biomedical entities (such as bind, activate, merystilate, and transport). Dr. Rzhetsky is a mathematician and theoretical biologist, and the leading expert in the development of novel bioinformatics approaches to complex biology and disease. He is the developer and inventor of the first automated literature extraction program for the prediction of molecular interactions, and a pioneer in development of bioinformatics strategies to map complex disease genes.