Jonathan Ozik

Senior Fellow


Jonathan Ozik is a Computational Social Scientist in the Center for Complex Adaptive Agent Systems Simulation within the Decision and Information Sciences Division at Argonne National Laboratory and a Fellow in the Computation Institute at The University of Chicago. Dr. Ozik's research focus is in the broad and emerging field of social computation. His research involves the modeling of predominantly social complex systems. The goal is to better understand the mechanisms at play at the multiple spatio-temporal levels that are often required to encapsulate the behaviors of complex systems and the often counterintuitive emergent micro and macro patterns that such systems can exhibit.

Dr. Ozik has extensive design, development and research experience in the physics of complex systems and both applied and fundamental agent-based social modeling. He is the project lead for the ReLogo framework, an agent-based modeling domain specific language and translation pathway which is part of the widely used, free and open source Repast Simphony agent-based modeling toolkit.

Dr. Ozik received his Ph.D. in Physics from the Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics Group at the University of Maryland in 2005. He is the author of more than two dozen publications, including book chapters, journal articles, conference proceedings, and seminars and has conducted agent-based modeling courses and tutorials for a wide audience of subject matter experts, including various government agencies, academic institutions, and private industry.