Ravi Madduri

Senior Fellow


I work on The Globus Project. I work on projects aimed at accelerating research in designing new materials, developing future energy sources, studying global climate change, improving environmental cleanup methods and understanding physics from the tiniest particles to the massive explosions of supernovae and finding a cure for cancer. 

I am actively involved in developing innovative software and networking technology. For example, as lead architect of the Reliable File Transfer, I designed novel testing and profiling capabilities, ensuring that it met the needs of key communities such as TeraGrid. I implemented Grid file transfer patterns in the Java CoG Kit. Moreover, I developed a remote application virtualization infrastructure; the Grid-enable extension was incorporated in the Grid Service Authoring Toolkit and is used by NCI Information Systems. I take pride also in applying new technology in diverse science and engineering domains. For example, I am a key contributor to the Cancer Bioinformatics Grid. I have played a lead role in the evolution of GridFTP and its adoption by researchers for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory and the Large Hadron Collider. Moreover, as part of the NEESgrid project, I helped scientific teams incorporate Grid technology into their earthquake engineering research.