Nicholson T. Collier



Since 2003, Nick Collier has worked on Repast Simphony, a next-generation agent simulation framework; environmental visualization software; GIS-based modeling and analysis systems; and a variety of simulations. He served as lead designer and developer for the Visualization Environment for Rich Data Interpretation (VERDI), a software application for viewing Community Multiscale Air Quality Model (CMAQ) output; the results of formulas using that output; and other environmental data in a variety of charts, plots, and maps. He also has worked as co-developer of such modeling and analysis systems as the Biological Warning and Incident Characterization (BWIC) desktop client.

Dr. Collier began his work with complex adaptive systems in 1998 with Social Science Research Computing at the University of Chicago where he was a co-designer and the first developer of the Repast framework for creating agent-based simulations.

Dr. Collier received a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religions from the University of Chicago in 1998.