John Christiansen

Senior Fellow


Senior Fellow, Computation Institute; Computer Scientist, Decision and Information Sciences Division, Argonne National Laboratory

John Christiansen has served as principal architect for advanced modeling and simulation, visualization, and decision support applications covering a wide range of subject domains. For the past  two decades, he has concentrated on designing and building generic object-based simulation software frameworks – tools that help scientists in many disciplines build and maintain complex multidisciplinary simulations. A key research focus has been on creating systems that effectively use multiple toolsets to capture the dynamics of complex heterogeneous systems such as modern healthcare delivery systems and both ancient and modern urban and agrarian landscapes.  He has a broad background and diverse experience in software design and development. His more than 35 years of modeling and simulation experience touches on many fields, including meteorology, ecology, agronomy, hydrology, physical oceanography, archaeology, anthropology, agronomy, healthcare, logistics, military intelligence and electronic warfare, behavioral economics, industrial