Gary C. An

Senior Fellow


Dr. Gary An is an Associate Professor of Surgery and the co-Director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at the University of Chicago. He has worked on the application of complex systems analysis to sepsis and inflammation since 1999, primarily using agent based modeling to create mechanistic models of various aspects of the acute inflammatory response, work that has evolved to the use of agent-based models as a means of dynamic knowledge representation to integrate multiple scales of biological phenomenon. He is a founding member of the Society of Complexity in Acute Illness (SCAI) and is the current president of the Swarm Development Group, one of the original organizations promoting the use of agent-based modeling for scientific investigation. The impetus for his work is the recognition that the Translational Dilemma has arisen from a bottleneck in the scientific cycle at the point of experiment and hypothesis evaluation. His research involves the development of: mechanism-based computer simulations in conjunction with biomedical research labs, high-performance/parallel computing architectures for agent-based models, artificial intelligence systems for modular model construction, and community-wide meta-science environments, all with the goal of facilitating transformative scientific research.