The new Center for Spatial Data Science joins the Computation Institute and the Social Services Division, bringing advanced spatial analytics methods to fields ranging from economics and urban sociology to medicine and public health. Learn about the center's research collaborations and initiatives in software, training, and developing new methods.


The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Exascale Computing Project (ECP) announced its first round of funding, including projects from CI Senior Fellows on astronomy, cancer, and urban science.


On September 1st, the National Science Foundation computational cloud resource Jetstream goes into full operation. Read about how the Computation Institute's Globus provides key services for this new system that lowers the barriers of entry for researchers using high-performance computational tools.


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The Discovery Cloud is CI Director Ian Foster's vision to deliver powerful computational tools and methods to every professional and amateur scientist around the world, fundamentally transforming the ecosystem of science. Globus is the first step towards realizing this vision.

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Globus Online is software-as-a-service for research data management. It enables researchers to easily and securely move big data and share it with collaborators around the world. As a cloud-hosted service, Globus Online makes it easy for resource owners and system administrators to deliver advanced data management services to their users.

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The Globus Toolkit is open-source software for building grids. Its core services, interfaces, and protocols enable federation of distributed computing and storage resources spanning multiple security and administrative domains. With a Globus grid, users can access remote resources seamlessly and securely, while preserving local control.

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