You may not realize it, but network analysis is a daily part of your life. Beyond the popular social networks of Twitter or Facebook, many companies use network data to provide some of the useful services we now take for granted: accurate web searches, book and movie recommendations, fraud detection. The art of transforming data on connections between people or entities into practical insights and predictions has made billions of dollars for companies such as Google or Amazon, creating high demand for network analysis skills.


Data visualization sits within the triangle of science, art, and communication. That’s part of what makes it an exciting field, particularly in today’s information-heavy age. But these split loyalties also create a delicate balance that must be struck to produce a successfully communicative visualization. Fall too far on the science side, and the graphic may be too technical or dry for a general audience. Too far on the art side, and the nuances and details of the underlying information are lost beneath the design.


Originally developed to monitor supercomputer temperature, the Waggle research project at Argonne National Laboratory now lays the groundwork for exciting new sensor research in cities, microbiology, and climate. 


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The Discovery Cloud is CI Director Ian Foster's vision to deliver powerful computational tools and methods to every professional and amateur scientist around the world, fundamentally transforming the ecosystem of science. Globus is the first step towards realizing this vision.

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The OSDC is a petabyte scale science cloud for researchers to manage, analyze and share their data and to get easy access to data from other scientists.

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Nimbus is an open-source toolkit focused on providing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) capabilities to the scientific community. Nimbus enables providers of resources to build private or community IaaS clouds, users to use IaaS clouds and developers to extend, experiment and customize IaaS. Combining those tools and capabilities in different ways allows users to rapidly develop custom community-specific solutions.

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