Since opening last year, the Chicago Innovation Exchange has established several points of contact with the Computation Institute, supporting new businesses such as Maryellen Giger's Quantitative Insights and Mike Wilde's With yesterday's announcement of the finalists for the spring round of the UChicago Innovation Fund, more CI/CIE partnerships may be on the horizon, as four of the six teams include at least one CI affiliate. 


As science becomes a more global enterprise, the tethers that connect collaborations grow longer and more complex. At March's Accelerating International Collaboration and Science Through Connective Computation workshop, held at the University of Chicago Center in Delhi, CI scientists met with 20 scientists from across India to discuss computational solutions that could enable and accelerate international research partnerships.


Concierge service for big data transfers


With today's faster internet speeds and file-sharing services, many of us take data transfer for granted. But when files and datasets are measured in terabytes and petabytes instead of megabytes, many of the struggles of the past return: long waiting times, mid-transfer failures, and clunky interfaces.


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The Discovery Cloud is CI Director Ian Foster's vision to deliver powerful computational tools and methods to every professional and amateur scientist around the world, fundamentally transforming the ecosystem of science. Globus is the first step towards realizing this vision.

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Nimbus is an open-source toolkit focused on providing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) capabilities to the scientific community. Nimbus enables providers of resources to build private or community IaaS clouds, users to use IaaS clouds and developers to extend, experiment and customize IaaS. Combining those tools and capabilities in different ways allows users to rapidly develop custom community-specific solutions.

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Globus Online is software-as-a-service for research data management. It enables researchers to easily and securely move big data and share it with collaborators around the world. As a cloud-hosted service, Globus Online makes it easy for resource owners and system administrators to deliver advanced data management services to their users.

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