Participation in the CI Corporate Affiliates Program opens the door to prominent computational scientists and global leaders representing an impressively diverse set of disciplines.

The CI’s location in the heart of the prestigious University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory campuses uniquely positions the CI to draw strengths from both of these world-class institutions as well as the international metropolis of Chicago.


CAP members have access to world renowned scientists and scholars through informal discussions, consultations, and invitations to special events. Affiliates develop relationships with CI members that emphasize close communication with teams in research areas of greatest value to them. The deep relationships formed through personal interactions with CI members are often the most effective vehicles for knowledge transfer and allow efficient access to domain specific knowledge that can inform corporate problem solving and planning.

The CI CAP provides affiliates with a variety of mechanisms for facilitated knowledge transfer:

  • Affiliates Events - Affiliates events are designed to establish and to strengthen relationships with research staff.  Communication of the most recent advances in the field is promoted through research presentations, opportunities for spontaneous discussions, and brainstorming sessions.  Events can include workshops, special presentations, panel discussions, tours, or short courses on topics recommended by affiliates.
  • Informal Interactions - CI Fellows, students, and staff make themselves available for a variety of informal interactions, including one-on-one exchanges.
  • Student Mentoring - Affiliates have the opportunity to mentor students through sponsorship of graduate students.
  • Extended Visits - Employees-in-residence embed themselves in a CI research team and participate in a joint research project.


Membership provides expanded opportunities to recruit high quality talent. Getting to know students through collaborative interactions gives the affiliate an edge in hiring the best students for internships or full-time employment. Opportunities to establish relationships with students can arise from informal one-on-one interactions, affiliates career days, or from graduate student sponsorship. Access to a steady supply of top graduates also is often the best method of knowledge transfer and of developing a superior workforce.

Early Access

Corporate Affiliates have the competitive advantage of early access to cutting-edge research results typically not available within their own companies. Early access includes access to reports, publications, annual reports, posters, abstracts, and other research results prior to dissemination to the general public.


The intellectual community of the CI provides a unique opportunity to connect with thought leaders in research areas with direct impact to the corporate affiliate. The corporation’s name and logo are connected with the CI, raising the visibility of the corporation and associating it with a premier academic institution. In addition, a neutral setting for exchange with other corporations is provided by the CI CAP.


Affiliates may have access to CI facilities and computational resources utilized in their research program of interest. Sponsors can use meeting spaces as venues for exchange with researchers or other affiliates. Access to resources are made on a case-by-case basis.

Contact us for more information or to join the program.