The Corporat​e Affiliates Program is an avenue to a diverse intellectual community that applies multi-disciplinary thinking – fundamentally enabled by computation – to today’s most pressing problems.

Partnership with the Computation Institute affords corporations the advantage of access to strategic academic research and talent at a unique institution that combines leadership in computational science with application. Our unique perspectives can help corporations attain the knowledge and talent needed to solve previously intractable problems and shrink time to discovery, development, and market.


Knowledge – Affiliates have access to a wide breadth of world renowned scientists and scholars through informal discussions, consultations, and invitations to special events.

Recruitment – Membership provides expanded opportunities to recruit high quality talent.

Early Access – Affiliates have the competitive advantage of early access to cutting-edge research results typically not available within their own companies.

Connections – The intellectual community of the CI provides a unique opportunity to connect with thought leaders in research areas with direct impact to the corporate affiliate.

Resources – Affiliates may have access to CI facilities and computational resources utilized in their research program of interest.

Membership Levels

The program offers a variety of engagement levels:
Sponsorship Member – leverage CI events and programs.
Associate Member – access CI researchers and their work.
Graduate Student Sponsor – build student relationships.
Corporate Partner – actively participate in CI research.

Contact us for more information or to join the program.